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    I have just got a pair of ( behind the ear ) hearing aids..looks like it is gonna take a bit of getting used to,,has anybody else out there gone down this track..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..ReSound Vea 2 - Regency Hearing

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    I have hearing aids. What do you want to know?

    terryfossil 1

    What did they cost,Are they BTE hearing aids,what size are the batteries,what do they cost,lifespan of a battery,how often to you have to clean them,can you connect them to your mobile phone,turn them up and down and off and on via the you can see Quacker, i got a coupla questions..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Sorry Terry. Most of your questions "depend".....For example, "How often do you have to clean them"? That depends on how much wax your ears produce. "Lifespan of a battery"? That depends on which batteries they use. Etc. etc. All of these questions can and should be discussed with an audiologist. What I WOULD suggest is that you deal with a locally owned business. If you deal with a 'chain', they are limited in what type and brand they will offer you. Locally owned can shop around.

    I just realized that you say you already have them! Why would you not have all of these answers already? Don't tell me you ordered them off the internet??? If so, good luck. They take adjustments which need to done by an audiologist. :(
    terryfossil 1

    I got them via Specsavers,,which is pretty big in Europe but reasonably new to Aussie..i am still seeing my Audiologist and working on getting to know hearing aids..i know what he says,but i am looking at what others have to say about them and their experience with them.Cmon Quacker i trust the family of AKA..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    All I can tell you is that my audiologist says, "There is a reason that they are called "aids". They only HELP with hearing loss so don't ever expect that they will return your hearing to "normal". I can't hear if someone is talking with their back to me, or covering their mouth with their hand, or talking outside in the wind. I also have trouble with some (not all) tv programs, (some) little kids and people with accents. My hearing is getting worse by the year so that's discouraging. Other than that, they're great! lol

    no hearing aids yet but I am burdened with a more intrusive device adhering to my arm that measures blood glucose. It’s my bane, it’s my savior. A guy I’m seeing askEd if it’s where thy inflate me 

    terryfossil 1

    Diabetes 1 i am guessing JH ?????..I take 2000 mg of Jardament a day,, Diabetes 2 -so far so good with exercise,my numbers are holding..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Yep, Type one. Have been for 45 years! The sensor and reader are a godsend.

    I have a pair that look identical to yours Terry. Mine were free on the good ol NHS.

    My brother paid £1000.00 for a private pair, and they were useless.

    My batteries last about one week, I wash the tubes and the plug that goes in the ear at least twice a week, I wipe the plugs two or three times a day. DONT PUT THE ELECTRONIC BIT (which goes behind the ear) IN WATER EVER.

    Iv'e had mine for 7 years now , can't really do without them, although I would prefer to be able to. Good luck with them, you will find after a while you don't know you have them on, until someone mentions it.

    terryfossil 1

    G'day Sunny,mine cost about $1900,,which in your money should be about 950 pounds..but my health fund covered me for $900..And yes mate i understand about the water.,,however if i stand on them or go surfing with them on,,Specsavers simply replace them,,the government forks out for them because i am considered a old fart at 70 and i get a year supply of batteries,are your batteries size 312 BROWN..i have not had to clean the wax for 3 days,my Audio bloke says the wax will start to ease up after awhile,,seems he was spot on..Thanks for the info Sunny,,catch ya later..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I don't have  Hearing Aids. However, I've picked up on a little bit of sign language within the past few months.  

    We should all learn basic sign language (IMO) to communicate better with the deaf.

  wife tells me I need them

    .... I hear most everything; the honeydos seem somewhat hazy


    Just tell her to SPEAK UP DEAR! :)

    .... I certainly will take that under consideration ; )

    Please do. You should not be missing any of your "assignments".

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