Why is USA hit so hard by Covid19...??????

    USA leads the world in ..infections,deaths and testing,,do you think this guy has the answer??????..

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    The guy seems to have good reasoning and knowledge as to why the USA  is now the hotspot for Covid-19/Corona Virus infections.

    He has not provided an answer to the solution.
    ( Please don't give me some sort of list for the guidelines to stop the spread of the virus. I am  not ia mushroom).

    terryfossil 1

    I dare say you are not a mushroom CB..but there is a lot of boatloads of mushrooms in the USA,,,
    One of the states of Aussie we call Victoria,,and sadly it is the shame of Australia.the covid is getting out of hand down there.because like Trump,,they stupidly believe it is just the flu.. >>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Continuous denial. Since yesterday, 50,000 new cases but I heard this morning on live tv....."It's going to disappear". In my opinion, thousands of Americans will and have died needlessly.

    terryfossil 1

    Sadly a lot more to come Quacker..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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