ATLANTAPublished 8 hours agoLast Update 4 hours ago Rayshard Brooks killing: Former Atlanta Officer Garrett Rolfe charged with murder, could face death

    I don’t know if you got the gist but a very drunk man if color was being arrested when he fought two cops off, grabbed a taser and ran. There’s a whole lot more to it but basically it ends with him being shot twice in the back. 
    I’d like to know y’all’s diversed thoughts   

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    Lots of information here....

    More information comes out by the hour and some of it is conflicting. I do believe that there are more than just "a few bad apples" on police forces. Some who join the force have already been on a 'power trip' long before they were hired for the job.



    They know how scary a duck can be!

    ....after the taser missed the officer, the threat was not as severe and did not require deadly force as the suspect was fleeing away from the officer 


    I saw the video. Shot in back while running away. He turned somewhat with the taser he took from one of the officers. Neither one of the cops lives were in danger. If anything, cops should have had mace/pepper spray drawn, not their guns. Murder and death penalty!


    You saw the video??? It's only been shown 4,961 times. LOL!

    Not sure that I agree about the death penalty. Maybe he would be better sitting in prison for the rest of his life?
    terryfossil 1

    I am with you Quacker,i am not a big believer in the death penalty..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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