Why is trump still in power..???????

    Does not USA have a law that allows them to unseat a president if he is no longer has the safety of the American people at heart????..he is taking Hydroxychloroquine that was made to combat Malaria,and he is taking it to combat Covid,,after being told it will do nothing for covid except cause heart attacks,,and if he is protecting American people you would not have the highest death rate in the world..and here is a stat to prove it..USA has 330 million people and 97,000 deaths due to covid,,Indonesia has 270 million people and 1,326 deaths..i ask you ,who is doing the best job.??????..

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    3 Answers new meaning to voter intelligence 


    Voters only need to listen. How difficult can that be? He's on tv every single day!

    He could have been impeached and removed from office. He was, in fact, impeached but not removed because some are fearful of losing their jobs. (He does fire everyone who disagrees with him.) The man cares only about himself but apparently, some still do not see that. I can only assume that they do not listen to his speeches nor question his truthfulness. Sad to watch.

    Well that is a frequent question. So far the only answer is the Senate is in power and they are mostly Republicans. Makes NO sense to me! He's insane!


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