How long does it take you to travel unaided for a mile?

    I can quickly walk a half mile in under te minutes. Can you run, jog, hop for a mile?

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    I have not ever tried hopping for a whole mile..It sounds like an early hip or knee replacement in the works.

    I've had surgery on both my feet, but I'm able to walk unaided for several miles. A good pair of shoes always helps.

    While in Europe 2019,,we walked in 1 day around Freiburg,looking for a cuckoo clock,,we walked 6 mile in 2 hours,,what a day!!!!!..i know the stats because i have a walking app on my phone.. >>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Walking is not a problem. Running?? Humm haven't tried that in years..

    terryfossil 1

    With 2 metal knees and 2 metal hips,,i do not find running that easy JB..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    ....walked two miles in 38 minutes this morning 

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