Is any country outside of Australia and Singapore using the COVID19 APP on their mobile phones..????????

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    New Zealand is also using it. Our Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau) made a statement just yesterday about it, saying that if it eventually comes in to use in Canada, it will be strictly voluntary. To this point, there is a lot of concern about privacy issues.

    (I personally doubt that we will be using it.)

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    Aussie COVID19 APP was just rolled out on the 26-April 2020,we need about 6.000,000 to sign up for it to be effective,,so far we have over 3,000,000 signed up,i just found out that UK,Taiwan,S. Korea ,China and as you say New Zealand will roll theirs out in a week or so..We have had the privacy explained to us by Government and other expert tech heads,and a lot of us believe it has been made as safe as possible,,and it is something we need to battle this virus and get back to some sort of normal..there is a bit of a similarity between Canada and Aust,,canada is 1.3 times bigger than Aussie..and 12 million more people,but spread out like Aussie,,so when the virus started i kept tabs on Aussie and Canada,,so 20-march- 2020 Canada had 12 deaths and Aussie had forward to 30-April-2020..Canada 3,184 and Aussie 90 Deaths,,So maybe the App will help you guys should help to slow the spread...stay safe and all the best Quacker..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<
    The Australian government launched a COVID-19 coronavirus tracking app on Sunday in an effort to curb the virus’ spread.

    The voluntary COVIDSafe app aims to speed up the current method of manually locating and contacting individuals who have been near someone with COVID-19. When two devices that have downloaded COVIDSafe are in close proximity to one another, the app remembers the users, date, time, distance and duration of contact.

    When someone is diagnosed with COVID-19, they can permit health officials to view their encrypted contact information and use the captured contacts from the app to inform any relevant individuals that they may have been exposed.

    The app does not track location, and health officials will not reveal the identity of the infected person.

    Our numbers are coming down thankfully and our leaders are not anxious to open things up yet. Unfortunately, we are attached to the U.S. and their numbers are rising and expected to spike, due to them opening everything up way too soon. Our border is closed to U.S. visitors and we expect that it will remain that way for quite a while yet. Doctors and scientists in the U.S. are very concerned about what is likely to happen there, within 3-4 weeks. I'm sure that they believe our leaders are being too cautious but I'd rather have it that way. Patience along with following the guidelines is what we all need right now. It's a new world.
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    Quacker,,let me know if you can open this lets you keep up to date on how things are going..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
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    I just seen an news report on tv,,in michagan USA.gun toting people protesting the lockdown,,all rubbing shoulder to shoulder,,potianly spreading the virus to each have to be kidding me,,keep your boarders up Quacker..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Yes, I see it. I have to get away from it sometimes. It's all over tv everyday and there are a variety of ways that leaders are handling it. Until we all get together with some universal methods, I think it's going to be a long, long rough road back to our "new normal". Stay safe!
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    Your on the money Quacker..i just now seen 1,000 people in C.A. usa..carrying guns and screaming in each other faces,,and an Aussie reporter asked a 50ish fella is he not worried about spreading the virus,and he said" naa we in in beautiful sunshine and it kills the virus",,is there no end to how informed these people are???????stay safe Quacker..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    We don't have the app available yet here, but they are testing it on The Isle of White this week.  Thats a small  holiday island off the South coast near Southampton,  if it's successful they are going to make it available to all. It's sounds like a good idea, they say it's a bit dodgy on the security issues though. You must be doing something right down there you don't seem to have had many deaths. We are just over 28000 still rising although slower,  but they are talking of easing the so called lockdown soon, I think it's a bit early myself. But then, the longer it goes on business is going to suffer, and we all suffer financially.  I wouldn't want to be one of  the people having to make decisions about that , it's a nightmare.  Take care , keep safe.

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    G'day Sunny,USA leads the world in,cases,deaths,serious critical,and testing numbers,,and their numbers are just starting to come down,,everybody else is ahead of them..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Stay safe mate..

    Terry, it is good to see someone has been doing their homework, i saw on the news that guy remarking on how the sunshine will eradicate the virus, also taking up arms if kept in isolation, i really cannot believe the ignorance of some people, keep the news coming Terry, it can be awake up call to the U.S.

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    i don't know why the links are coming up!
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    G'day mate,i felt i was a bit on my own there for awhile except for Quacker..those links you got there look familiar,the src part of the link is what we use when posting a photo from another web page,,and the second link seems to refer excel or word,as it refers to column height and width,,i am not sure but that is how it seems to me,,all the best with it mate..and stay safe,,Aussie is starting to open up,,too early or not.????time will tell,,we had no deaths on the 2-5-2020..and only 16 new cases....>>>>>>><<<<<<< the way have you downloaded covid app yet..i believe we are up to 4,250,000 so far ??????

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