How are you coping with Covid-19?

    Are you staying home as much as possible? Are you going out for groceries/essentials no more than once per week at the most? Are you practicing physical distancing when you are out? Have you avoided all social gatherings? Do you wash your hands often? Do you cough/sneeze into your elbow?

    Now, tell me what you are doing to entertain yourself while you're "locked up".

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    Trying to be good. Not hardly any going anywhere. Our state is considered a disaster area and keeping busy doing much needed yard work,reading, playing games on the computer. Also listening to a friend complain because she needs a hip replacement and no non-essential things are happening. I feel for her but griping about it all the time is getting on my nerves! Take care ALL of you and stay home and be safe!


    Everything that I normally do has been cancelled for a few weeks now. I'm trying to entertain myself at home and I find that even though there is lots that I COULD do, I'm glued to the tv and internet. I just have to get away from "all of it" sometimes. Going to do some cooking and painting sometime this weekend. Stay healthy clu.

    G'day Quacker,the world will not be the same after this virus,,i spend a lot of time on the website ( worldometer) info site,,it gives hourly updates on how countries of the world are handling the virus,,some are doing okay,,but countries like USA,Italy,Spain,Germany,France,there is no telling how many people they are gonna lose..In Aussie we are closing down beaches,workplaces,churches,and supermarkets have to have 2 meters between people,wash your hands before you go out and when you come back..finding hand wash is getting hard,,so we use Ajax spray and wipe,100% is a bit rough on your hands,but it will do til we get to soap and stay home and stay safe guys,all the best to all..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Ajax Spray N Wipe Lemon Citrus 5 in 1 Multi Purpose Cleaner ...


    Same here Terry. We've had all the same rules in place for a few weeks now but of course, we have those who think they are smarter than others and are still being stupid. Thankfully, our leaders are listening to the available information and acting accordingly. They seem to be doing the best that they can. Stay well.
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    You guys in Canada could be in for some strife Quacker..back at 20-3-20 you guys only had 12 deaths,,now at the 4-4-20 you are at 231 and climbing..the drug to kill the covid 19 is maybe 2 or 3 months away,,but the vaccine is maybe a year or more away..All the best Quacker..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I decided to have a quadruple bypass back in February. Just staying away from people as much as possible. 


    Quadruple bypass? That will definitely keep you home for a while. Rest up, isolate and get well soon.

    I'm doing great... Spent 3 weeks with Bailey. Yes we stayed home the majority of the time. I dug my reloading presses out after quite a few years. I got some shotgun rounds loaded up. Now I need to get the clay pigeon thrower out. They dipped the bottom of our ditch so I've been working on a dirt pile that's about 3 feet high and 1/2 mile long. And I've just got a small utility tractor to do it. BUT it's back to work tomorrow. 


    Back to work when the U.S. is just starting to get worse and expecting thousands of deaths over the next few weeks????

    Yup Ducky it's getting here. Not nearly as bad as bigger cities. Hopefully it will get under control. I really don't think anyone knows what to expect or how to control it. I think untill they have a better ( alot better) understanding or the virus it's anyone's guess right now.

    No "Stay Home" order? Wow!!! They know for sure that that is how it spreads. I hope you know that you can be a carrier without symptoms and take it home to your family? Yikes!

    Ducky yes stay at home orders are in effect, but there are way to many essential jobs out there in my opinion. If their going to lick things down, the only people moving should be police, firefighters, and EMT's
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    How is this for strange,,an Aussie bloke made a movie in 2016 about a coronavirus pandamic..fact is always stranger than fiction..we are in a sorta lock down and distancing mode,,it must be working because we do not seem to be getting hit as hard as most countries,,in the list of countries being affected,we sit in 26th place of worst affected,,if you wish to see the list then put this link in ,it is a live link that updates every 48 hours.. >>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.

    ....pestering the queen 

    ....staying under my rock

    ....and washing my hands

    Well at first I was standing in line at the grocery store the sanitizing my door knobs and light switches. Such measures surly got old so keeping David clean and fed. The oven has been out for months but we finally got the part put in so now, at the start of a record hot summer, I’m baking all the time.....

    terryfossil 1

    Stay busy and safe JH..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..


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