Pssibly, the DUMBEST quote ever re the coronavirus:Texas Lt. Governor suggests the elderly should risk their lives to save the economy.

    ( Possibly)  What do you think? 

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    No longer the dumbest. "Reopen (everything) by Easter. Packed churches would be a beautiful time." OMG!!!
    Spoken on Mar. 24, 2020

    @Ducky: "Fake PEWS!" LOL!

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    ....what future is he positioning (safety, economic or political )


    Gosh, I wonder.
    terryfossil 1

    Economic without a doubt Benny..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Good old Dan Patrick. I did not vote for him nor ever taken him seriously. 

    This is simply the norm for Fox News who echo someone else, on every topic. I heard these same words just yesterday afternoon from....guess who? They are scaring the cr*p out of health care workers, leading infectious disease doctors and all essential service workers not to mention citizens who actually LISTEN. Some are only interested in "the numbers" that make them look good, with zero empathy for people. I wonder how those same people will feel when their loved ones die! 

    I do not know which one is dumber Clonge,your man or Trump,,he is talking about sending people back to work and opening all borders before the virus is under control,,i can only think he is going for the Herd Mentality,,that is where everyone gets infected,and those that recover are immune to the virus,,the big downside to that is that mainly those over 60 years of age are most likely to die,,due to their underlying health issues,,and the younger ones with those same underlying health issues will also die..i am not sure if any other country has tried the Herd Mentality Plan,,either way i do not think it a good plan..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    He just doesn't take this virus seriously....period. He's even making jokes about it.
    terryfossil 1

    Quacker,,he was never anything more than a money man,,he was never a people man, so i guess it is the country's finances he is looking at sadly.. >>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Yes, the finances of the country so he can get re-elected. I hope people are watching and listening. No compassion for anyone. Just looking out for Donald!

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