R.I.P. "Buy Me a Rose", etc. Kenny Rogers dies at 81. What do you remember him for?

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    Loved his music and always thought he was a good looking guy until.....he decided to "improve his face". The new look was an advertisement for growing old gracefully. Terrible!

    What I remember most is his botched-up plastic surgery.
    Songs: You Got To Know When To Hold/Fold them.

    Island's In The Stream, duet with Dolly.

    You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me Loose Wheel.....LOL

    The Gambler,,it was a song more about the game of life than a card game,,though it was first recorded by Bobby Bare,it was made famous by Kenny Rogers,, A great singer,but not a great role model,,the best he could stay with one of 5 wives was about 16 years,,<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>..


    And before each marriage, he knew that this one, was definitely the right one. Ah, celebrities.

    ....know when to hold them and know when to fold them

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