This morning (March 18/20) we learned that.....

    our city has it's first case of Covid-19. How is it going where you live? Are you complying with your local public health suggestions to help stop the spread? (I hope so!)

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    It is a battle wherever you are Quacker.i believe Canada total deaths is 9,,In Aussie we just had our 6th one yesterday,,i feel sorry for Italy,they are up to nearly wife and i make sure we do not touch our face while out from home and always wash hands as soon as return home,,we also spray steering wheel and car door handles after getting home,,as we are retired we can afford to stay at home as much as possible,,and should the boy call us for a bbq,the answer is no...we also turned down a hospital appointment,,we figure we will stay away from hospitals if we can..all the best to all..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    All good ideas. We have to do the best we can to try to stop the spread, if that's even possible.

    Starting today, I will be wearing a mask and gloves every time I leave the apartment.

    I have a doctor's appointment on the 23rd of this month that I will cancel as to not increase exposure to the virus.

    My best to all of you....Stay healthy.




    Unfortunately, a mask only protects OTHERS, assuming that you are positive. It does NOT prevent you from getting the virus. :(
    country bumpkin

    If somebody sneezes or coughs my direction, a mask may not be full-proof, but it may offer some protection. It certainly can't hurt.

    According to your Chief Medical Officer (and ours) 10% max. If those stupid people would learn to cough/sneeze into their elbow, THAT would help considerably. I hope they catch on soon. Two weeks of being told that every single day.... :(
    country bumpkin

    I saw a young cashier cough three times while on his register and he did not cover his mouth the last time I saw him cough. Thankfully, I was not standing in his line.

    A cashier here was coughing into her hand, over and over again. Thankfully that was over a week ago but I did complain to the manager. What is the matter with people? It's as though they live in a cave and never hear the news. Coughing into your elbow/tissue has been preached for years!
    terryfossil 1

    G'day Quacker,,talking of stupid,,just seen on tv,20s and 30 year olds on a beach in miami,,hundreds of em and no social distance among em,,interview fella talking to one of the young fellas,,young fella says,i don't care about the covid 19,,if it gets me it gets me,till then i am gonna party,,the interviewer should have said,what if you take it home and kill your mother and father..might have been fun to see him answer that..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I saw it too Terry. One of the news anchors called them nit wits. Many people are very upset about the Florida beaches especially here in Canada as so many Canadians go to Florida every year. I have several friends who are there as we speak, trying to figure out the best way to come home. It's impossible to avoid the crowds now. :((
    terryfossil 1

    We had one lady who came home from the USA to see her elderly mother,she brought the covid19 with her,and her mother died from it,,it just goes to show you cannot be too careful,,our toll has risen to 7 as of 19-3-2020..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. far, no cases reported has cut masses

    ....schools closed

    ....go to grocery store on occasion 

    ....soap and sanitizer used often

    ....I still pester the queen 


    I guess everything changes except for the pestering.

    terryfossil 1

    Soap is best Benny..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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