If you had a college education, did it turn out to be a good "investment"?

    If so, how?

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    What about you Clonge,do you have one of those educations..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Yes, I graduated from college, and it was a good investment, only because my eventual employer, the U.S. Government, was hiring college grads for a specific position. The only thing that I learned that was usable after college was my study of several languages. I didn't have to go to college for that, however.
    terryfossil 1

    My boy did not do college Clonge,,but he still went down a similar road to you,,army,police ,border force..he is not looking forward to retirement..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    I studied nursing in college.  I didn't become a nurse.  It was not a lucrative investment for me.

    ....yes, it prepared and certified me for my career of 37 years was fun to learn

    ....retirement for the last 15 years has been great

    Yes it was a good investment. I got a better job.


    The pay is not so good. :)

    But the laughs make it all worthwhile, right?

    Laughing is good. :)

    I guess i cannot say i had that high a education,,however,how many of you can lay claim to having done grade 9 twice,and failed people decided i better get to work and earn some money...:):):):):)..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Did you have the same teacher twice? If so, did you fail on purpose because you liked him or her?
    terryfossil 1

    No chance mate,first year of grade 9 i was put in a special class for people for one reason or another where not as quick as others,,my second year of grade 9 was at another school that did not have that special class,,so i flunked that one worse than my first grade 9..however i done much better getting out into the workforce..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Definitely. You should always try to get a higher education whenever possible. Sometimes it is a decisive factor in hiring. Now there are a lot of ways and opportunities to learn, so you need to use your chance.

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