Is there such a thing as a harmless crushwhen you're married? 

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    Sounds like a Harlequin Romance but I'll answer the question anyway. I think she wasted her time and emotional energy. She said that he smelled like laundry. That means he has a wife!     LOL!

    But seriously, a situation like that is sure to end in at least one person having his/her heart broken. Vows are meant to be kept and the grass is never greener "over there".

    ....the grass is always greener right over the septic tank

    ....will it get you closer to heaven

    Harmless crush? Surely a harmless crush is just that, harmless. I have crushes and always unanswered or reciprocated. I have a mad crush on James Garner, always have but he’s no longer. Must the crushee be living? OK, Lester Holt. I love my crushes! Keep my imagination alive as well as (worthless) hope. It’s fun!

    Not a good idea, best to work at what you have got. If you've married someone it was for better or worse, richer or poorer. Mess around with someone else and it will only end in tears. So unless the marriage is a total breakdown, and you both agree to make a break, best to work at what you have.

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