What is Karma? How are the points accrued?

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    From the "about us" tab:

    This Q&A site is moderated by its members, hopefully - including yourself! Moderation rights are gradually assigned to the site users based on the accumulated "karma" points. These points are added to the users account when others vote for his/her questions or answers. These points (very) roughly reflect the level of trust of the community.
    It is how we keep tract of who gives good honest answers, if you get a good answer give a thumb up and that gives the person karma points if you give a thumbs down it will take them away but you will lose some also so use wisely. OK to give a funny answer a TU too.

    This is what's considered a good answer and should be voted up so it stands above other answers that may not be as correct. It helps future members to determine the more popular answer when there may be a mix of answers.

    Hmmm. Sounds like a good old boy's club.Open to all...sort of. Participated by the usual exclusive few.Just an observation from someone who has recently discovered this board but is not allowed to vote.

    You can give thumbs up votes right away. But in order to give a thumbs down vote, you must accumulate karma from other members by answering questions in a positive way. There is a set amount of karma you must earn before you can give a thumb down vote. If this idea is not to your liking, there are many other forums on the internet that do not have a karma system. Also, as marmite stated, you must be logged in to vote.Everyone is welcome to vote, not just a select few. The older members are typically the ones who vote though as the newer members tend to not understand the importance of karma (which may be why you think only a few can vote).

    I assume that by answering questions in a "positive way", one must demonstrate a consistent pattern of conforming to the views that reflect those of the senior members.That doesn't sound like a open, democratic hurdle to clear in order to become a member of the board of directors. Non-members are allowed to vote in favor but barred from disagreeing. I fail to see the logic behind this. That's why I referred to the board as a "old boy's club". The politburo also claimed to be open and democratic as long as proletariats voted in a "positive way";-]
    I suppose that my dissenting rant will forever bar me from any upward mobility into the club.
    Headless Man

    If you can't find something you can vote on, kinda like the USA love it or leave it.

    I am told that I CAN vote thumbs up for someone but can't vote thumbs down. That would be akin to you being allowed to vote for Obama but not against (any other). That would be very acceptable to you if you happen to be a Democrat but...
    Headless Man

    Were not voting foe president here have you read some of these questions.

    Randy, I am well aware of the prodigious difference of relative importance between the 2 voting scenarios.With all due respect, you appear to miss my point. If a "take it or leave it" response is as much you're going to comment, I'll take that as a thumbs down.
    ty or is it tu?
    i don't see "about us" tab.

    Sorry, it just reads "about" (the old forum read "about us"). You'll see it at the bottom of this page.
    why are you not allowed to vote digger it is easy to login and vote.

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