I am wondering about my notifications. I see people post an answer on my questions but I never see them. I just see the posts from the older members of this site How come?

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    country bumpkin

    Your question will be answered by a Moderator when time allows.
    country bumpkin

    @ Clu

    This question has been addressed a few times in the past and it has been explained by the moderators.

    Clu: Question: I just see posts from older members on this site how come?

    Moderator answer: The reason why you can only see answers and comments from the long-term members on this site when you check your notifications is that the long-term members are the only members who frequent this site with the exception of the advertisers who post questions, answer questions, and comment to questions on a daily basis.

    Ducky and I are here almost every day deleting the advertisements which include: Essay Writing, Custom Patches, Sex Dolls, Erection Medication, Escort Sites, Mail Order Brides, etc.

    As soon as we see the advertisers/advertisements, we delete them.

    I do remember removing an advertiser's comment just a few days ago that was placed in the blue comment section underneath one of the recent questions that you had asked here on akaQA.

    What this means is that you would have received a notification that you had a comment from this person, but when you clicked on the comment to read it, there would be nothing there because of the comment (question, answer) would have disappeared automatically when the moderator suspended the account.

    ( This should also answer JDB's question/answer he posted here as well)

    The other answers to this question have been removed. This is a question that only the moderators know the answer.

    This question is now locked.

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    A member (accidentally I'm assuming) posted the same question twice today.




    A long-term member chose to answer both the same questions instead of answering only one.



    This breaks forum rules. Do not answer the same question more than once whether the repeated question was posted due to a glitch or impatience by the member posting the new question.



    The member who answered both the double-up questions knows that he/she would receive double the karma points from members who would not have noticed or taken into consideration that they are giving this same member karma points for two answers to the same question.



    It's not nice to try fooling the fellow members by pulling a stunt like this and it's CHEATING! There is no excuse for it!  This is not a game for your amusement!   


    You will face suspension every time you choose to cheat.




    Some of the members have expressed their concerns that after they have answered a question, the question with their answer disappears. 


     Advertisers visit this forum on a daily basis.  


    They usually just say, Yes, or No, or Nice post.  Some of them actually post very good answers to a question.   If you will take a moment to click on the profile page of the new member who asked or answered, or commented to the question, you will see that he or she is actually promoting or advertising a product or service.  This is how the moderators are able to spot an advertisement (and you can too).  Do not be offended after a question or an answer by an advertiser that you may have answered or commented too is deleted.  Advertising isn't allowed here.


    Moderators rarely delete anything by accident. Moderators are also not required to explain everything to everyone, every time. Our work takes time and effort, more than most understand, so sometimes members just need to accept our decisions. This forum is not our only activity. Thank you.




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