Is anyone upset about Australia killing 10,000 feral camels because they drink too much water?

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    It's upsetting to know so many camels  (and other feral animals) are being shot especially knowing that the camels are not intentionally meaning any harm.

    We have to take a look at the bigger picture, Clu.

     The camels are not indigenous to Australia. They arrived by ship(s) in the 1800s

    The camels are destroying the natural fauna and flora and endangering the lives of humans.

    The camels are so thirsty that they are trampling over one another to get too scarce water sources including knocking down fences on private property just to try to drink some water from the air conditioners.

    Some of the feral camels that have died from thirst are contaminating viable water sources.


    These camels are suffering. I don't doubt that most of 10,000 camels slated to be shot and killed wouldn't eventually die sooner than later from unnatural causes.

    My heart hurts for them.  Oh, how I wish the camels could all be rounded up and shipped back to where they belong, and live a long life being happy, healthy, and never to be hungry or thirsty again, but we know under the circumstances this is impossible to accomplish.

    The camels need to be relieved of their severe anguish-distress-suffering.


  the camel out of balance in nature and circumstances in Australia many other natural animals would be sacrificed  in preserving the camel

    ....God help man with decisions and timing 

    "Feral" anything means running wild and most often causing a lot of damage. While on vacation in southern United States, I encountered feral cats. The locals mentioned that tourists (me) feel sorry for them, only because they don't have to live with them. Commonly heard was "Please, please don't feed them"! I suspect that everyone feels differently when events happen "up close and personal" in their own back yard. 


    Not one bit Clue,,nobody is talking about exterminating all camels,,just keeping their numbers under control,so we can live with them..such is life..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..


    "Up close and personal" makes a difference. We had a discussion once, here on aka, about bears. One of our members thought they were "just too cute to shoot". They're not so cute when they are in your backyard pulling down your kid's swing, throwing your garbage all over the yard or worse still, tearing apart your screen door or your wood siding, to gain access to your house because you are cooking! They are sometimes spotted right in our downtown area during the summer. Thankfully, the traffic noise and lights usually scare them and they run away.
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    Ridgy Didge Quacker..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..


    Clu, this is first i have heard of this, originally the camel were brought over from the middle east along with their handlers before the railway between Adelaide and Darwin, when the rail came there was no need for the Camel and the handlers released them into the wild. we now export a number of camels back to the middle east as the Australian camel is hardier and of pure bread like the original imported camels, there are literally thousands in the northern territory. The train that travels from Adelaide to Darwin is known as the GHAN  in honour of the handlers.

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