I recently met a woman at a bus stop, whom I went to school with 40 years ago. I recognized her,despite not having seen her since school.

    She was taken aback; she didn't know me. What is the greatest amount of time that elapsed, whereby you recognized somebody whom you hadn't seen in years?

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    About 25 years ago,i took a trip to Western Australia to see my mother who i had not seen or heard of in about 15 or 20 years,,we arrived there and her friend said she was up the road in a clothing store.went down there and walked in the shop,there she was,i walked up and stood beside her as she looked at a dress,then i said "that wont fit you".she looked at me,then i turned and walked out of the shop,,i stopped outside the door.she came to the door and stared at me for awhile,then she said"Terry"????...aaahh time hides a lot of faces..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. 


    These few sentences hold much sadness. :(
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    She had 5 kids Quacker,none of us where close to her,maybe the youngest one was,and none of us kids were not a lot was lost..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    .... not long ago, I encountered a guy who went to the same elementary school

    ....over a half century ago


    Did he ever graduate? LOL!

    In my mid sixties, I ran into a woman who had lived in the same neighborhood as I, during our elementary school years. We were about 10 years old then but we recognized each other at the same moment, over 50 years later! Mary?? (Ducky)?? I really liked her as a kid and felt the same all those years later.  :)

    I usually find I recognise faces, but can't put a name to them. Most people who I bump into from years ago recognise me, because I lost my hair when I was about 19, so I've always looked old.

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    Old Sunny,?????.Nah,i reckon Shiney and new...:):):):):)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

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