What in blaze's is going in in Australia??

    No pun intended, but our hearts and prays go out to you folks over there. The US is certainly no stranger to wild fires but it sounds like you folks really have your hands full.

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    Thanks JD..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
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    @ JDB
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    @ JDB
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    Thank you all,,however we have brought some of these disasters on ourselves,,and it has nothing to do with climate change,our states have not done any ground burns in the off season so the fuel on the ground has trebled,the states of our country have dropped the ball,,and the states have allowed people to build anywhere in the bush,,and then the greens stop them from cutting a large fire break around their house..and nobody cleans their gutters or blocks their down the embers get under the roof and the house is gone..due to the fact that we have a lot of eucalyptus trees in our bush,,the oil eucalyptus trees explode and the fire races across the top of the trees creating oil embers that float ahead of the fire..our wildlife has been decimated,,when a koala bear is threatened it climbs to the top of a tree,and there is the fire,,anyway i am pretty angry about this and so i apologize for being so long winded..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. Image result for Australian bushfire photos


    Thank you for the explanation Terry. Would you mind if I copy and paste this to a few Facebook friends? I know most of us have no idea what the fires are doing over there. Once again your in our prayers.

    And we certainly had on idea about the eucalyptus trees.

    Great information Terry. Thank you for that. I couldn't understand why these fires would be raging for so long but now I have a better understanding. Several fire fighters from here have gone to Australia and I hope that these terrible fires are put out and soon.
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    All yours JD,,i am not into Facebooks or Twitters,,heard to much bad stuff about it,,but you go for it mate.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
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    New Avatar JD. or old one back??????.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Terry, I finally got one to take. Don't know why I had so much trouble.

    I've heard some of this craziness in the news.

    I'm with you JDB.  

    I'm so sorry to hear what our Aussie friends are dealing with right now.

    My thoughts are with you.

    This is horrible! Losing all the humans and the poor animals just breaks my heart!

    terryfossil 1

    Most of the animals will multiply fairly quickly Clu,,the Koala bear not so quickly..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    ....God be with Australia 

    ....on our prayer list

    Thanks for sharing that information Terry. We have been thinking about all of you , it's a terrible tragedy.  God bless you all.

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