An armed worshipper killed a gunman in a Fort Worth suburban church, with 250 people in attendance.

    What do you think about having guns allowed in houses of worship?

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    I'm against the idea. 

    IMO, this is just as bad as giving teachers guns at school.

    People who attend church are sinners, not saints. Teachers are sinners, not saints either.

    I can imagine a teacher who had sex with a student and knowing he or she has been caught, making the decision to kill the student to keep him/her from talking.   Why not kill all the other classmates too.

    I can imagine yet another priest molesting/raping another innocent child and after knowing he's been caught also grabbing the gun (that was meant for protection) and killing his young victim/victims before turning the gun on himself.

    Seriously, not every Tom, Dick, and Harry (Jane's too) are in need of a gun in his/her possession.


    So Country, just to be sure, you would have been ok with this church losing dozens or more of there congregation rather than have somebody in there to stop them?? And the same with schools?? There should be no one to stop this?? Is that your stand?

    And Country don't get me wrong, something needs to be done, but you can't wait for the police, Bailey had a seizure several years ago from a fever, we call 9ยน1, it took them 20 minutes to get out to our place. A deputy was the first to show up and then the rescue squad a few minutes later. After it was all said and done the doctor we went to told us the next time go... Get to a hospital. Help is not two seconds away. This is the same. Help is not seconds away, unless someone is prepared.
    country bumpkin


    I know there are a lot of well-meaning people who only keep guns for protection, but
    the good people (law-abiding citizens) wouldn't feel the need to have a gun for protection if the bad people (rapists, robbers, murders, etc) didn't have guns either.

    If people like George Hennard, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, and Adam Lanza didn't have access to guns then there would not have been any mass shootings.

    *If the bad guys didn't have guns then the good guys wouldn't need guns*
    This is what I meant by my answer.

    CountryI understand Now, this is a terrible thing that is happening. The problem I see is the criminals are not going to to give up their guns with the laws passed. They will however come after people like me. Registered guns, locked in a safe. There are way to many gangs, and drug cartels in this country. Talk to any cop and it's getting much worse. As to these mass killings, I think they need to look at why it's happening in the last several years.

    I think it prevented many more from being killed! I am for it!

    ....fine with me

    ....the good guys have to defend/protect themselves and others from the bad guys


    It's better to have a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not have one.

    More people with more guns will equal more dead people! If it's okay for all citizens to have guns, why do police officers even need to be trained. Just grab a gun and anyone can be ready to protect others?


    Ducky so in a case like this you should just line up and let him shoot everyone in a row?? How about the guy with the machete in New York a few days ago? Everyone should have just put their heads on a table and let him hack them off. It's like I told Country, there are to many gangs in this country, to many drug cartels. You will never get rid of guns here. The laws they make, they will get rid of my guns, guns that are registered, guns that are locked in a safe.someone that has been trained to use them. If I call for assistance it takes 20 minutes for the deputies to show up at my door. Am I to tell the intruder, hey hang on the cops will be here in 20 minutes. Maybe we can sit down and have a beer together while we wait.

    Your intruder is just as likely to take YOUR gun and kill YOU or YOUR family. I do understand that many citizens are intelligent about gun use (i.e. hunters, farmers, etc.) and should not have their guns taken away. But no one can explain to me, why so many citizens are allowed to own military weapons. It makes no sense! Surely the government could start with a buy back of those, for a start. It can't remain an issue where people just throw their hands in the air and say, "Too bad. We just can't do anything about all these mass murders. We send thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims." Next!

    Ducky, these are not military weapons even though the news media would have you believe that. I slept with an M16, with a grenade launcher for 6 years. Out side of my wife/girlfriend at the time this was the only other gal I slept with. And neither one raised a squabble... ANYways, it is illegal to own anything like that in this country. The last I knew it was a $10,000 the fine and a lot of prison time. The weapons portrayed are look alikes, but there not the same.. the problem I have is nobody seems to care why this is happening. The man that went into a rabbis house and stabbed 5 people received almost no media attention. The stabbing at Ohio State University a few years ago received little attention. Weather it's a gun, knives, trucks loaded with fertilizer and diesel nobody is asking what's happening to society. When I was growing up this was very rare, if not unheard of. Heck we took our rifles and shotguns to school to go hunting afterwards or took them in shop class and repair them. Nobody's asking what's happened...

    For sure JDB, it is a changing society. Imagine this kind of a conversation happening, twenty years ago? It's terrible! Not that this is comparable but we've had a few armed robberies at convenience stores during recent months and they happened in the middle of the afternoon! Customers were threatened. What? Now it's not even safe in this small community, to go to the store for bread or milk? It seems that we are becoming numb to all this violence. I believe that drugs are playing a big many obvious druggies wandering the streets here. :(

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