I doubt if any one knows this ,but my grandma had a recipe to make Brandy (i Think!) using rock candy and some alcohol Does any one know of this??

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    Perhaps something similar to this ( Basic Idea, but with rock candy instead of jolly ranchers and Brandy instead of Rum or Vodka)>>>


    Close! :)

    you can make a lot of things with a base alcohol and candy.. A friend of ours will take a qt of moonshine, put 51 gummy bears, your choice of flavor, shake or turn the jar everyday until there dissolved.. Wala, watermelon flavored, strawberry flavored, lemon flavored, what ever you want. The same with hard candy. 


    And here is my secret recipe for a cold... Take a small glass of moonshine, Jack Daniels, what ever you prefer with a higher alcohol content. Warm it up, crush 3 horehound candies in a Ziploc bag,add to the alcohol the warm alcohol will dissolve them. Add to it a teaspoon of lemon juice, tablespoon of honey,  a smidgen of garlic juice, or a crushed clove, a couple of dashes of Tabasco sauce or hot sauce. sip. go to bed, yes it is drinkable, mix to your own taste. It works better than any night time cold medicine I've tried. With no chemicals that I can't pronounce


    "51 gummy bears"? Not 50? Not 52? LOL!

    Ducky,,!!! This was pain staking Lee experimented..... Yes 51 gummies... No more ... No less.... And the .5 gram gummies, not the .5.2...... big difference... And semi Sweet,,,,, not sweet gummies, and they have to be fresh,,, the way to tell is to chomp in to one.. if you go uuummmm then it's good, if you have to rip, tear, break teeth, then not so good. As for me I like just straight up corn whiskey! No additives, no flavors.


    Sorry clu. I can't be of any help.

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