Do you have a bucket list?

    A few years a go I decided to start writing my bucket list but also wanted to ensure it would not just sit dormant. First I took my kids and boyfriend down the Fraser River on a rafting tour. It was one of my greatest fears facing the white rapids. Now this year I am taking just the kids on a trip to Peru to see Machu Picchu and the Amazon jungle. I have many small nonexpensive things on the list as well but needless to say I have it and use it. How about you?

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    The main place on my list a few years ago was the Holy Land. I was blessed when I at last went there. It was the best place ever. To walk where Jesus walked. I sat on a fishing boat in the middle of Gallalee and took took bread and wine and could see the path winding down the hill into Capernium where Jesus made breakfast for His friends. I saw many places and 2 years later I went back again. You would love it

    Now that sounds amazing...I would love it...thanks for sharing
    Big full bucket. Mostly, it involves travel. Want to revisit Europe, both eastern and western and do it annually, if possible.
    mom looks like beautiful country..I agree...worth going for sure, I hope you get to do it.
    i want to move back to the pacific ocean - real close. <3

    I live looking out over the's beautiful here but it rain so much. I think ths spring I could honestly say I have sat in the warm sun twice.

    Yeah, me too, I live about 5 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean, but really love the west coast. I especially like the dry air, just can't stand the humidity of FL.
    well, let's put like this-----I've wanted to go to Euruope since I was 9.
    I've wanted to live in Northern Mich since I was 4.
    I've wanted to move to a decent climate where they don't have much winter.

    Have you done anything on this list yet?
    Big big bucket list jump out of a plane, spend a year sailing

    Sounds adventurous but yet relaxing...nice balance of plans.
    Will you be my "mom"? :)

    lol...that all depends how old you are...I've got a reputation to keep;)
    Well, I have a lot in my bucket list, but since I took this expensive trip to other side of the world Central Asia with my family I dont think I can afford anything big now, for while at least.
    Peru sounds nice I just recently watched about Machu Pichu on History Channel and its amazing place, would love to see it, lucky you MOM!!! ;-)
    In next couple year I would love to make a vacation tour in europe, starting in Germany and end up in Jerusalem.

    wow...Central Asia...sounds amazing...not everything on my list is expensive so I can still have fun...there is a huge tree I have been fixin on climbing so thats my next fun one...haven't climbed since my kids were young. Hey maybe we will run into one another in travels one day;)

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