New Jersey bill would require children be taught cursive handwriting. what do you think about this?

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    I wasn't aware that cursive is no longer taught. I guess they want to match the math skills that are also non-existent. I made a purchase the other day in a small office. The amount was $23.05. I handed her $25.00 and she went to her calculator. (Really, I thought?) I then handed her a dime (thinking I was being helpful). Wow, that really threw her into a tizzy. I had to tell her, "You owe me $2.00 change from the $25.00 and a nickel from the dime". She said okay and gave me the change but she was still looking confused as I was leaving. Sad.

    This is a great idea.

    I sent my son some Christmas gifts a couple of weeks ago along with a handwritten letter.  Halfway through the letter, it dawned on me that he would not be able to read it because I had written everything in cursive.

    I ripped up the letter and then I proceeded to write the letter in print.


    My son is a very intelligent young man, but he can't write in cursive or read cursive writing.

    What a shame that it's not being taught at school anymore.


    Sad indeed.

    I was amazed that people can't read cursive Also ask a younger one to tell you the time on a non-digital clock!


    Even if a younger one can't tell the time, it would be right twice a day!

    I think it is a wonderful idea !!! helps when taught to include patience, focus and pride with individual work

    ....speed is not always the need



    It is sad it has to come to this, my daughter is itching to learn cursive. My problem is the math they have now.....OMG it's ridiculous, she's in third grade and this crap has me learning again. Not happy, just not happy... I can get the same answer with out I'll the bull pucky, and in half the time, but you have to do it their way or it's wrong.. 

    Yes,we call it running writing here,,and i am surprised to hear somebody stopped teaching it..Finland and some states of USA have dropped it,,Aussie still teaches it,,it has many advantages..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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