What was the last thing you forgot to turn off?

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     The bathroom sink

    I have a bad habit of  not turning the water

    completely off.


    Join the Club!
    country bumpkin

    I joined the club a day before you. :)

    7 years over here and you still can't turn the bloody tap off properly CB. :(
    country bumpkin

    I give up....LOL

    Well, cats being cats, they know a fool when they see one and my three Snooky Wookies are no exception. After a quick wash, Grumpy sprang up onto the sink edge, which is his way of telling me to turn on the tap. I duly obliged and left the bathroom to get dressed. The morning and afternoon went by just like any other day, and my wife arrived home and greeted me cheerfully, just like any other day. But five minutes later she marched into the room and demanded to know how long the tap has been left on. “Oh dear“ I muttered, “I was just about to go and turn it off“. But my wife was no fool, she knew, that I knew she knew, that I wasn’t telling the truth. And I knew that she knew that five minutes later we would be happy together again, just like any other day.   

    ....heating lamp in the barn

    ....the cats didn't mind

    My mouth!

    Image result for image animated mouth talking

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