I'm really bothered by wet pavement and glare when driving at night. Has anyone had experience with glasses made to combat this?

    Do they really "do the job"?

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    No, I don't think they do the job. I tried those specialized glasses/lenses years ago and at that time anyway, they made no difference. I do know that since I am currently developing cataracts, my night vision is getting worse. I have streaks out from lights....headlights, street lights and wet pavement is horrible. Surgery is coming and I understand that it is very effective. As west-bus mentioned, might you be developing cataracts? 


    Hi Ducky, since the end of October I have a new lens in both eyes and it is a wonderful feeling to see everything sharp and in focus. The two OPs were separated by six weeks and in two days I shall have my final check-up. Wish you well.

    Thanks west-bus. I hear nothing but positive reports so that helps to ease the concern about having surgery on my eyes.

    Glasses that have a tinted yellow hue are often marketed as specialized night-vision glasses that can improve contrast and reduce glare. But beware — there is a lack of evidence that they improve nighttime visibility. In fact, since they reduce the amount of light that enters the eye, they may make it harder to see, not easier. Instead, Dr. Houston recommends wearing eyeglasses with an anti-reflective coating. This helps to prevent light from bouncing around inside your lenses. Dr. Houston also stresses the importance of having an annual eye exam. “It’s important that your prescription is up to date. But it’s also critical to screen for potential eye conditions — like cataracts or glaucoma — that could contribute to poor night vision,” he said.

    Kevin Houston, OD, MSc, is an optometrist in the Vision Rehabilitation Service at Mass. Eye and Ear.

    ....please, see your optometrist 

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