"Today's funniest story" 82 year-old female weightlifter breaks table over home-intruder's home! What do you think?


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    You'll have to post the link again. I deleted one of your other duplicates. Have a little patience when posting Clonge and you won't have so many duplicates, triplicates and quadruplicates that need fixing.
    country bumpkin

    We're on the same page. I was going to say the same thing yesterday.
    It's not a computer glitch. Occasionally, this site runs slow when posting a question, answer, or comment. It looks as though nothing is happening, so the person will continue to keep clicking the mouse. Click only one time and wait. I remember having to wait approx half a minute (sometimes for a question, answer, or comment to post, but usually (when akaQA is running slow), it still only takes 10 extra seconds or so to finally post.

    Thanks for the advice! I assure you that I didn't keep clicking. Perhaps the problem is with my connection. I keep seeing that my screen shows "buffering", and then it stops and when I go back, I see the post many times. I saw six copies although I only clicked once. Will post the link.

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    A feisty woman, that Willie, she is.


    There was a guy at my gym, "strong as an ox". He was 93 and got into a "fender bender" with a 20-something punk, and beat the $%^& out of him. It made the local paper. He had received a weight set 80 years before, for his Bar Mitzvah!

    Good for her! Off to the gym I go.   :)


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