Where do you encounter the rudest people? At the bank, grocery store, on the bus, plane....?

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    On a consistent offices. I believe they can never be fired for rudeness.    :(

    country bumpkin

    I know, right. Postal employees can be very rude.

    In the car of course. People in the other car thik they’re invisible and their minds can be read. No one waves anymore ie: thanks for letting me pass, oops, didn’t see you, thanks for stopping for me, I’m sorry.... Or they just want to be first at the stoplight, or biggest here, the other driver who pulls out in front of you (when there is no one behin) and then go 15 mph below the speed limit..... I could go on

    Rude people are all around us.  They do not limit themselves to banks, grocery stores, buses, and planes.


    Have you been to church lately?  What about the park, doctor's office, police station, IRS, courthouse, water department, at a stoplight, movie theater, etc.


    My next-door neighbor hit my car. I wasn't in it; I saw it while looking out of my home window; I told her she hit my car. She called the cops. They responded and one of them asked me, "Don't you have anything better to do ( than to look out of my window)?" DUHHHHH?

    That goes beyond 'normal' rudeness. :(

    ....wherever self interest resides


    Hey! You talkin' na me?

    At the bank, definitely not, they want our money. At the grocery store, definitely not, they depend on our custom. On the bus, definitely not, they want to reach their destination. At the Post Office, they have been known to be rude whilst sticking to the letter.

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