WARNING! I just shopped at a major warehoose club. I had 3 items that totalled $50.The clerk scanned my credit card ...

    (warehouse) and I didn't have to sign for my purchase. She gave me a receipt for 7 items (I only bought 3) and the total was for $150.  The customer right before me had $350 in purchases. I don't know what made me look at the receipt, but it's a good thing I did, right then and there, and the entire purchase for the $150 was voided. It could've been a "lot worse"...more than $1,000 for example and if I left the store, I'd have a hard time proving the error to their satisfaction. You have to check those receipts! By the way, what's the biggest discrepancy you've ever uncovered at the cash register, in any establishment?

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    I don't recall ever being overcharged for anything.  A time or two I was not charged for certain items, a bottle of wine and a bag of dog food.  I made the cashier aware of the mistake and then I paid for my items.

    I've arrived home to discover that I was overcharged a dollar or two. Not worth a drive back so they made extra profit. I once had a cashier hand me a fifty dollar bill by mistake when giving me change. When I handed it back to her she was very grateful and said "Oh thank you so much. I would have been charged for the error"! far, no problem 

    ....I check the receipt

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