Has anyone ever called the phone number on a "How's My Driving?" bumper sticker?

    If you did, was it complementary, or accusatory? What happened next?

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    I called the number on the back of a service truck to complain because the driver was speeding at approx 45 miles per hour in the downtown area and the speed limit was 30.


    ....yes, when a truck swerved into my lane on two occasions 

    ....gave them the time and description of the incident 

    ....I did not hear back about any action/follow through 

    Only once when a transport, driving ahead of me on a highway at night, began to swerve. He hit the gravel shoulder twice, then swerved over the center line about 4 times. I called that number on his truck and then the police. It was a good thing that I made that call. Two days later, his name was in the paper. He had been drinking, was falling asleep at the wheel and had drug paraphernalia on the front seat. Considering all that, I guess he was driving fairly well.     lol

    No mate,if i was to fire a coupla barrells into a driver,it may cost him his job,,and that is not my department,,and if he needs me to say what a great guy he is,,i am not your man..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Maybe your wife can say it for you. She probably tells you that every day.
    terryfossil 1

    I am not that great a guy Clonge,,..>>>>>>>><<<<<<..

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