"What does it taste like?" "It tastes like chicken." Have you ever eaten anything that wasn't chicken that actually tasted like it?

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    Image result for pic frog legs on plate

    Delicious frog legs...yum..just like chicken!


    Not only that,, but when a chicken eats a frog, it still tastes like chicken, but the chlcken flavor is accordingly, even stronger.

    I'll never have frog legs again! :(
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    i'm with you Quacker,i have never tasted e'm,seen e'm,touched e'm..never gonna..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    @terry:I took a quick glance at your comment, and read it as "goanna". Did you ever taste one of them? LOL!
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    @Clonge,only the tail mate,,we once lived in a shed in the bush,and an old man Goanna used to come in one door and out the other tasting the floor all the way..they do not hurt you as long as you do not hurt them,,they can do some damage to humans,,they are handy to have around,they keep snakes away..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Goanna tail tastes a lot like chicken.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I've eaten rabbit, rattlesnake, frog legs, and alligator. All four of these are supposed to take like chicken.

    My grandmother tried to pass the rabbit off as fried chicken, but I was not convinced it was chicken because the fried cuts didn't look like any chicken parts I had ever eaten before. It also had a mild twang to it that didn't taste like chicken.

    The snake was dry and flavourless. I was too grossed out to notice if it tasted anything close to chicken.

    I've eaten frog legs a hand full of times. I really enjoy them.  I haven't eaten frog legs in a long time, but I think they remind me more of a piece of turkey than chicken.

    Alligator meat is by far my favourite.  I think it has a very delicate, but somewhat rich flavour. Alligator meat does remind me of chicken nuggets and it does taste a bit like chicken to me.

    Well, as Mr. Churchill once said, “Some chicken! Some neck!“

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