I have a presciption drug that I take. The other day, I didn't remember whether I had taken it or not and debated,,,

    whether to take a pill anyway.  Did this ever happen to you? What did or what would you do...skip it and take it the next day, or take it anyway?

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    It depends on the med. Ask your pharmacist.

    After experiencing this same problem a few times, I finally bought a daily prescription medication container.  The container holds seven days' worth of medications labeled Sun through Mon.

    Now, if I don't remember if I have taken my meds that day, all I have to do is to look at what day of the week and if the container for this day is empty or not.

    .... I count the remaining pills hopefully, it jogs the memory

    ....the pharmacist has probably encountered others who forgot and can advise you

    ....he/she may sell you a medication container like Bump's

    I have the ideal solution for you, one which I adopted and have used since 2003. When you are not sure if you have taken your medicine then do so anyway, but this time only take half the dosage, be it mg or ml and the next day revert back to your prescribed Dose.

    It may be that you suddenly realise you haven’t taken your medications and it’s, let’s say, 6 p.m. No problem, take your medicine and the next day at 2 p.m, and the day after 10 a.m. and so on.

    But in any case, when all’s said and done, it won’t harm you to miss the odd day or two. 

    I have one I should take with food so I put 7 pills in the bottle on my table and count down from Monday Then if I am unsure I just count the pills. My other pills I take first thing in the morning so I remember them 995 of the time!


    Also some people use the pill cases that you load every week and you take that days pills all at once.

    7 Day Pill Organizer 2 Times a Day, Detachable AM/PM 14 Large Compartments Weekly Pill Box. Travel Medication Box and Planner. Container for Vitamin - Fish Oil - Supplement - Pills

    Get one of these. Problem solved.  :)


    I have one. I'm too lazy to use it.

    Seriously? Five minutes, once a week?

    Yes! LOL!

    That IS lazy! lol

    First of all it depends on the medication,,but rule of thumb,if you remember it halfway to your next dose then take,if you are more than halfway,wait till your next dose time..but i must add,it does depend on the medication,,ASK YOUR DOCTOR..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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