When was the last time you ate anything that was organic? What was it, and does it matter to you whether what you eat is organic?

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    Pasta sauce. I think it was a couple of weeks ago.  Organic is too expensive to purchase regularly.

    I buy berries for my smoothies, often they were on special, the organic ones. I don’t hunt for organic, I’m not afraid of GMOs, I eat whatever I’m hungry for....

    Eating organic fruits and vegetables certainly makes sense. However, I spend so much money on food as it is, I don't like to pay double the price for organic. I do indulge once in a while but not on a regular basis. The last organic food I bought was a bunch of grapes. (They were on sale.)    :)

    Almost every thing I grow in the garden is organic, so I guess I do!  I used bug control on the brocoli

    But now I think I found something else that will work to keep the worms out of it!

  apple the other day

    ....the queen prefers organic 

    Clonge before organic people ate good  meat and vegetables and were just as healthy eating Gods naturally grown food..let the greenies and meat haters head for a unhealthy grave..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    "Greenies and meat haters"? They relate to organic foods, how?

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