I want to buy a new car. I've narrowed it down to two models, but I can't make up my mind.

    They're both about the same price with what I want, but one is a lot prettier on the inside and not as pretty on the outside, and the other one is not as pretty on the inside but a lot prettier on the outside. Looks are important to me. Which would you choose, the first or the second?

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    I'm assuming both cars are new or like new.  I don't think I would care much one way or the other about the exterior or interior of the car as long as it's a good car.  Safety, not looks have always been first and foremost for me when I bought a car.

    If you like attention, you'll pick the one that looks good on the outside. If you want the feeling of satisfaction while driving, you'll pick the one that's great on the inside.

    I actually feel 'awkward' when a person compliments my car. It feels silly to me. (I didn't make the car, or design it, or paint it but thanks.) lol

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    I've heard of electric windows and manual roll-down windows but Glad Stetch 'n Seal windows are a first.

    It's the easiest to see through and besides, cardboard gets ruined by the rain. :)

    ....looks on the inside are for your enjoyment 

    ....outside looks are for others worked hard and earned your choice - make it happy with your choice, not mine

    terryfossil 1

    Impressive comment Benny,,and your using a lot more words these days..keep up the good work..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I love my Elantra. Should I shop for another Car, it’ll be for another Hyundai....

    terryfossil 1

    had a hyundai once JH,i did not mind it,.but i had to go back to Holden..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<...

    Strange question mate,if you say looks are important to YOU,then you would buy for the inside looks,but if it is important for the people to look at you,then buy the outside looks..i once walked that road Clonge,i had a 1954 fj Holden,,done up and pretty as a picture,,people payed me to take em for a ride..anyway you get the picture,,i was badly up myself back then..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    terryfossil 1

    Your close mate,thats a stock standard 52 J was painted Biue with a painted Bluejay Bird painted on the Front guard,it had a Mustang Grill,149 Donk with twin carbs and extractors and the entire motor was chrome,it had a 64 Falcon dash with the centre piece shortend..and white Falcon Steer[ng wheel with the silver inlay,,Falcon white deer hide bucket seats,,the outside had roll pans and Ap5 Valiant tail lights,,and lowering blocks...and Clonge,that was 40 years ago,and i remember it like it was yesterday...however today i still drive a holden,(2.4 Captiva 5) front wheel drive...>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..

    Your options are limited so I’ll spell them out here:

    1.  Take them out on a trial run.

    2.  Consider buying a different Make/Model.

    3.  Toss a coin.

     4.  If still undecided and resources permit, buy the two you fancied.

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