When was the last time you "took a bad fall"? Details?

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    The last time I remember taking a tumble was back in 1991 or 92.

    I had recently moved into my (Ex-husband) place and he had some narrow & rickety steps leading to/from the front door.  It was dark and I  stepped a bit too far over to one side falling to the ground.  I had a bruise on my thigh the size of a football.


                  This is not my leg.  LOL



    Three weeks ago believe it or not. I tripped over a loose shoe sole and landed, no hands, on my nose. Had the surgery a week later..."...

    Bout 4 years ago i missed a step coming out of a newspaper shop,i had recently had spinal surgery,i was pretty worried i had done some damage,but i had not ..>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Last Friday, slipped in the kitchen, fractured my kneecap, I will survive.


    Hadn't heard from you in awhile. Did you :FALL from Grace"?
    country bumpkin

    Roy's an Athiest, he can't fall from Grace. LOL

    ....not yet, thank God

    ....I have learned to turn around slowly and check my balance before walking forward

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