In light of the recent mass shootings, Venezuela issued a travel warning for its citizens about traveling g to the U.S. of the most dangerous countries in the world. What do you think of THAT? (I was really looking for comments like "Venezuela  should mind its own business" and the like), but so far, I haven't seen any comments and answers. 

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    Anyone, anywhere, is free to express their opinion about another country, assuming they pay attention to what the leaders of that country are doing/saying. I personally know nothing about Venezuela. I don't even know the name of their leader. :(
    country bumpkin

    @ Ducky
    When Clonge first posted this question, his question ended with the word, THAT?". He has edited/added additional text.

    @ Clonge
    "Venezuela should mind its own business and the like". Really? What America does just about affects everybody else everywhere. America may be great, but it's also a mess and it has been for a long time. Other places have just as much right to voice their concerns. You have no business telling others to mind their own business or to post anything (such as what you later added above) trying to get members to insult and bash others for their concerns for their citizens visiting the USA..

    @cb ( and Ducky) : I'm not telling others to mind their own business. If I did, I would've stated so, unabashedly. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people feel this way.It brings to mind the common expression of "The pot calling the kettle black". I don't think Venezuela has been covered in such depth by the British and Canadian media, as it has been in the U.S. The U.S. has a big oil interest there. The country is in utter turmoil, e.g, kidnappings ( even American baseball players of Venezuelan descent are afraid to visit) rampant inflation, corruption, hospitals without basic supplies, rioting, the most basic of items hard to find.... . There have been riots at the Brazilian and Colombian borders with Venezuelans trying to better their lives Of course, it is, in my opinion, the obligation of a government to alert its citizenry of security risks outside of their country. The U.S. issues such warnings, and we're glad for it. Sorry that my intent was misconstrued. Thank you for your understanding.

    @Clonge...I did notice and I took your addition/edit to mean that you were "expecting" comments such as "Venezuela should..." and my own comment to you, was to say that I don't see much about Venezuela at all but that Canadians see/hear American politics/politicians every day, all day. And as CB said, what takes place in the U.S. affects the entire world. Imagine how we feel, living right next door to a country with a leader who seemingly doesn't like most people.

    I might add that I'm also very concerned about the "copy cat effect". I noticed yesterday at our Walmart store, for the first time ever, they had a uniformed security guard, standing at the front entrance! Maybe it's a shop lifting issue or maybe not?

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    I understand their concerns.  Perhaps more should follow.

    ....they would know

    There is a lot of discussion among Canadians regarding their usual trips to the U.S. Some are holding off on plans for this winter. It would be different if it appeared that the gun laws were finally about to change but as I see it, that will not happen any time soon, if ever. Allowing possession of a military assault weapon to the average citizen seems okay in the U.S. To us and a lot of other countries, it's absolutely shocking!


    It's ok for the N.R.A. and their supporters, and those intent on mass murder. I would like to think that this possession is opposed by the overwhelming majority of Americans. Current and retired law enforcement officers and their families number in the millions in the U.S.. I doubt it's ok with them..

    I have opportunity to speak with many Americans. If the overwhelming majority is opposed, they are very quiet about it.

    @Ducky: Most of the members here,are probably American. I do speak to friends about it. Can you post a question in this regard? I was in law enforcement, and would hate to be in a position where the bad guy has more firepower than me.

    I will post something later today or tomorrow. You know, as much as I blame Trump and his followers for what is going on in the U.S., my heart sincerely goes out to U.S. citizens. It makes me sad to watch so many hurting people and nothing being done to make a difference....until the next election.

    I would not go to the USA either Clonge even though there are some places there i would like to see,or the UK for that matter,i am going on a holiday in about 6 weeks,and it will be to Europe again,,i think i feel safer in Europe..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    That's too bad. I'd love to meet you and the Mrs. in NY , and have lunch ( on me, of course), at the Outback Steakhouse. Can you reconsider?
    terryfossil 1

    Not gonna happen good buddy,,though meeting people of AKA would be interesting..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<..
    terryfossil 1

    Clonge,my son was in 2 police force in 2 states of Aussie,he is now in Border force out on the Ocean,,what sort of policeing were you in..?????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    @Terry: Federal, narcotics

    I do not like Trump! I feel he incites people to accost immigrants!  When other countries advise their people not to visit here, I think that is good. I am almost afraid to go to anywhere public anymore! Very sad state of affairs here in USA!



    I'm sad for you that this is happening and that some would still vote for Trump. Do they never listen to the words that come from his mouth and his Twitter feed on a daily basis?

    The Democras in the USA are the same as the liberals over here, full of hate, and yet Trump gets the blame for everything. 

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