1 year old twins left in back seat of hot car. Father forgot about them,and when he returned to car.............. after work...

    after working his shift it was too late. They had body temps. of 108 degrees and were found dead. The mother "stands behind" him. I think that he has suffered enough. It's something that he'll have to live with every day. I don't think that he should be prosecuted. I'm not trivializing the twins' deaths. What to you think?

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    I know this is a busy world we're living in today so we may forget to pick up the pizza for tonight's dinner or our prescription from the pharmacy, but we DON"T forget and leave our children to die in a hot car.

    It seems the wife of this man is standing by his side and being supportive of him so she must believe there was no malicious intent involved (unless she's in on "it").

    I'm very sorry for the tragic loss these parents are experiencing. 


    Actually, I saw a great suggestion about avoiding this online. It's crazy to think that this would even be necessary, but here it is. The driver, who has 2 shoes, takes off the left one, and puts it on the back seat with the kid(s). When he gets out of the vehicle, hopefully (lol), he'll realize he has only one shoe, and will remember that he put it on the back seat.

    I cannot imagine what a parent would feel, being responsible for the death of their children. This seems to happen every summer. Unless there was "ill intent" on the part of the parent(s), they will both have to live with the daily reminders of this horrible tragedy. How do you get through that and ever again have peace?     :((( could happen, such a tragedy 

    ....God knows his heart 

    ....hopefully, an investigation will indicate no past abuse/neglect and his background of being a positive supportive parent 

    It would seem to me that if kids did not show up for day care or child care the place would call! However the parents are responsible for their children. This NEVER used to happen!



    That's a great point, Clu! That would possibly involve "thinking out of the box". When did this sort of thing "start happening", anyway?

    @Clonge Is this a sa comment? Also If you can't remember a kid how in he&& do you remember to take off a shoe? Put the darn phones DOWN!!!

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