Do you eat seafood that is farm-raised? Do you have any health concerns about doing so?

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    No, wild caught only! If you'll notice, you rarely see any producer state clearly, "Farm Raised". You DO see "Wild Caught" boldly advertised and there is a reason for that. On farms, the fish are being fed by the workers. Fed what? That is the question that usually provokes very ambiguous answers due to the fish food sometimes (not always) containing "chemical  ingredients". I want my fish (and cows and chickens and pigs) to eat what they were intended to eat! Real food. I try to do the same.  :)

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    If I have a piece of fish (seafood) on my plate instead of a piece of red meat, I know I'm eating a healthier meal farm-raised or wild-caught.

    I know most the fish we eat is wild-caught and the healthier choice. We both have high cholesterol levels and the farm-raised fish tends to be higher in Omega 3, so this would be the only reason I would choose farm-raised over wild-caught.

    .... I don't know

    .... I will check with the queen

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