How would you handle the following situation. I went into a store, and they have a policy of holding onto...

    bags that are brought into the store, to help prevent theft. I told them point blank, that I'm not leaving anything with them, but they're free to check my bag(s) on the way out. They said "o.k." and that was the end of that. They even wanted me to check my attache case, which had legal documents, yet is big enough to stuff merchandise in.

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    Did you know that this was their policy before you entered the store? Did you consider that you were putting someone else's job in Jeopardy because of your demands?

    country bumpkin

    How would you have handled the situation?

    When I worked at a major grocery store chain several years ago, the store put on a special event. The grocery lanes were decorated with helium-filled balloons.

    The first thing my manager told me was not to give away any of the balloons to people if they asked for one because they were for decorative purposes only.

    It couldn't have more than 10 minutes before a woman came through my line with a little boy approx three years old and he was so excited when he saw the balloons. The mother asked me if he could have one and I told her that I'm not allowed to give them away. She politely asked me again, but I had to tell her, no.

    That little boy was so sad, the mother was mad, and I felt horrible
    I suppose it didn't even occur to her how much I really wanted to give her son a balloon as I was in fear of losing my job.

    I suppose the manager was happy.

    CB I've never dealt with retail, but if my boss tells me to do something it gets done or I'll get reprimanded.

    Actually, JDB, that's a good point and it never entered my mind, about POSSIBLY putting someone's job in jeopardy. I was nice about it, and so was the person who was "taking the bags". I told her that I can't leave it, and that she can check it on the way out. I had a similar situation at a major museum years ago. I was still in law enforcement, and it was their policy to leave your "bags" at the front while entering. I explained that there were sensitive agency documents in my attache case, which WAS the case.and I showed my badge, and again, no argument. By the way, the "attendant" in the store, were I wound up shopping and buying an item, saw me on the way out, and didn't check my case. I am also of the belief that there are instances where rules can be broken, and common sense can prevail. For examples, when I go to diners, I'll order a full dinner. Included are a cup of soup and a salad. At the bottom of the lists, the menu states "No Substitutions." I've asked the waiter/waitress many times if I can have a bowl of soup and no salad ( I'm not a "big salad person", but I love soup.) My requests have NEVER been denied!

    Thanks Clonge. That sounds like a very peaceful resolution. But I think in your original statement, it didn't sound like that. I'm glad everything worked out.
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    My thoughts exactly, JDB. Hmmmgh!

    I've Never seen a man walk into a  store carrying an Attache case unless he was the district manager or sent from the corporate office.

    I don't blame them one bit for being suspicious of a person walking inside the store carrying an Attache case.

    If I owned or managed the store and somebody "knowing the store policy", walked in with the case refusing to leave it with the front desk while he/she shops, I would tell that person to take his/her case to leave and don't let the door hit you on your way out.

    A person who seems intelligent enough to understand the store policy but daft enough or arrogant enough to believe the policy shouldn't apply to him/her for whatever outlandish reason is not the type of consumer anyone wants to be around. 

     If I were the customer and I didn't want to abide by the policy that is in place, I would leave.

    Places such as restaurants and grocery stores have to deal with a--h---s all day long. Don't be one of them.



    I had court business. The court was 2 blocks away and I specifically went into the store to buy something...and I did! There were confidential legal papers inside. What if I came back and my bag wasn't there? I told them upon entering that they can check the bag before I leave. That is absolutely their right. They are not "suspicious" of anyone, per se.. I looked like a businessman, in a sport jacket. I took my tie off after court because the temperature was warm and I was uncomfortable. That is their policy and it applies to all. What would you do if you bought an expensive leather jacket elsewhere and had to leave it with someone as you entered the store? Also, it's common in shopping malls to go from one store to another to another...and accumulate purchases along the way. Could you see that this policy might cause a "problem or two"? Also, there are instances where common sense can prevail over a rule or rules.When I go to diners, I often order a complete dinner and it comes with a cup of soup, and a salad. I'm not a "salad person", and I always ask for and get, without any argument, a bowl of soup, and no salad, despite it stating on the menu, "NO SUBSTITUTIONS"!
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    You knew the policy. Follow it or walk away.
    I stand by my answer.

    Sales people also walk into places of business while carrying attache cases, in order to present the manager with whatever they are selling. How would that work? "Hello Mr. Manager. We have an appointment and I'd like to show you the information you requested but unfortunately we'll have to get on the elevator and go back to get my attache case, with your approval of course"? LOL!

    I can't think of one store here that has such a policy. In fact, we are encouraged to bring re-useable bags. People walk into our stores all around the city with those bags, large purses, etc. I think that a better policy might be called "security guards". I assume that this particular store would rather insult their potential customers than pay for guards? I wouldn't shop there!


    Ducky we really don't have a policy like that anywhere either. We do go to tractor shows where they have what they call trading Post. Folks bring items in to sell, most request that you leave you wagons, carts, strollers, at the entrance. to many items get legs and walk off and n these places. I lost a shotgun shell reloader this way. When you put an item in you are told there not responsible. So you know ahead of time.and yes they have security at them.

    Yes, I can understand that situation there, but not in a retail store.

    .... I would explain my responsibility for security of the contents

    ....if they refused, I would leave

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