What do you think about Helsinki's "radical solution" to homelessness?

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    I could see that there would be some who would take advantage in a variety of ways, in order to get "a home". I've seen people here who regularly take advantage when they are being helped. I also believe that very few people would be accepting of these buildings being put in their neighborhood. (NIMBY). On the surface, it seems like a good idea but it raises a lot of questions for me.

    ....seems noble, if the homeless strive to help themselves and contribute once settled 

    I reckon they are doing a pretty good job Clonge,,However the Finnish society is not like other countries,,so therefore i would say it would not work in most other countries,,<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>..


    "Finnish society is not like other countries". In what way Terry? Why does it work there?
    terryfossil 1

    @ Quacker,public and private homes are to look alike,people do not improve public homes,people in private homes like to improve their homes for resale at a later date..not my cup of tea,as i have bought and sold 5 houses to get to my retirement,and i have improved each house..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    True enough.

    one way to stop homelessness and abandoned houses in Detroit is to put all the homeless people into those abandon houses.....then everyone will be happy .

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