How is the weather where y'all are from. NW Ohio is bad. Rain, rain, rain. Practically no one has any crops in yet, those that do, their probably drowned out. Three days left for planting corn, close to three weeks for beans. After 3" Saturday night our fields are two and a half weeks out, if we get no more rain. Not sure we're gonna have any thing in this year. Worst spring I can remember. PLUS how is this gonna effect the economy? 

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    Sincerely hope you can plant JDB! The rain is very serious!

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    It was raining here earlier today and I think we're going to have some more.   Everything is flourishing here.

    The makers of raingear must be happy. LOL


    I hope it dries up soon in Ohio.


    We went to Scotland about 20 years ago for a weeks holiday, I have never seen rain like it, we had to buy heavy duty rain gear. I made the mistake of commenting on the weather to some locals in Edinburgh, that was a mistake, especially when they heard my southern English accent.

    Same here. Rainy, cold, and very windy almost everyday. We can usually golf in April but still (June 4/19) waiting for that. Unusual weather really does affect every centers, golf courses, clothing stores, everyone.   :(

    Here in SW Michigan we were told we might get our third day of no precipitation since the 1st of the year! THAT did not happen! Very bad for our farmers!



    Yes and we have more coming. I did a little disking Saturday with one of my older tractor's, all seems in vein now.

    Our dams are getting down a bit here in Aussie JD,,we have had quite a bit recently,but just not in the right places..water restrictions have already started in NSW.. so if you can send a bit our way,,,many thanks..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    I would live to Terry. If this keeps up and it looks like it will gonna be a lot of Fields not planted this year.

    Its been raining here for about 3 weeks now, and the temperature is 14c cold. It's mid summers day in a couple of weeks ,and we haven't seen any summer yet, oh forgot we had one week of warm weather in March, very strange.


    I feel for ya sunny, we have a bad for cast for the next week.guys are trying to get fields done here, ours are to wet yet.

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