Why isn't Trump already president? I mean...he would just be so great at running america. Just look at his show...

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    Trump is to full of BS.
    TRUMP'S going to run into a buzz saw once the left starts to tear him apart and THE DONALD is not going to take it very well.

    Right now I would vote for a block of wood before I cast a vote for Obama.
    I was almost ready to give Trump a vote but when I saw his F word rant, it put me off. I am sure other politicians do the same but they are not caught on tape(usually). Conservative groups might give him a second thought now. But I still like his policies!
    trump is a megalomaniac with tiny short fingers, you know what that means,he can't hide his bigotry as most republicans, and have you ever heard his fifth wife say a word? he won't let her.

    Too bad we trump can't come here and shut you up like his 5th wife... :)

    I am a republican but I will not vote for a 'flash in the pan'.. You leftist better watch your back and quit attacking everything that doesn't suit your leftist ideals-- You can't have your way all the time. And I'll be damned if I am going stand by and watch you tear this great country down.. I vote! Not always for republicans, I vote for the foundation of America, you have a democrat that fits this bill, I will vote for him.. Or her..

    with this, I would like to extend a 'thank you' for voting me down. In return, I will vote you UP one because you need all the help you can get.. See, we conservatives are actually nicer than you diversity stricken do good liberals.. LOL.. Have a great day!!

    Vinny, are you sure you're yelling at the right person? LOL Looks to me like cgamble doesn't like Trump either?

    I don't know... I could be making a mistake.. I voted him up anyway, I dedicate the message to anyone that wants to be offended by it.. LOL

    vinny, you need help,the kind that us liberals can give you,shock therapy, frontal labotemy , a bottle inback of you, but if you want to come here and try to shut me up i think a good beat down is what you and buddy trump really need. and i can provide that.
    Ms Sinclair

    Conservatives are nicer? Not some of the ones on this website or many of the ones at large for that matter. P.S.- Why are many Republicans trying to make it even more difficult to vote before the next presidential election if they're so supportive of freedom and democracy?
    if he runs the white house like his tv show he's just another "apptretice"
    Ironically, D. Trump's audience on his TV show is comprised mainly of liberals. His ratings on this TV show has plummeted as a result of his political stance. He has committed 'TV celebrity suicide'. almost as bad as Charlie Sheen.

    As far as him running for the whitehouse, I said it before, Trump is a 'flash in the pan'.. He'll never make it, he has done one good thing though, he's taken the heat off of Sarah Palin, she was the #1 target for liberals, now they have this new one.. The Republican super hero is yet to be seen, but regardless who it is, the left will go bezerk with their attacks as usual. But this is true with both sides. :)

    Thanks Colleen for bringing me back up.. LOL.. I guess I insulted yet another liberal.. When will I learn.. HA!!
    Trump only does the things that are good for Trump, just like most of the other politicians. Check out Ron Paul, he is our only hope for getting rid of the Fed and saving our country.
    I'd rather vote for a hammer than Trump. Obamas cool.
    Great...let's vote for our President based on their reality show. There are some Americans dumb enough to do it too!

    Please do not give them ideas....we'll have American Idol the Presidential Candidate Version. Call in your votes now!

    The tryout shows should be a riot...How ya doin" (((Col))?
    Didn't he go bankrupt several times????????????????????????
    coach why don't we vote on a person that lies to us from the get go?
    why don't we vote on someone that will not show a birth certificate?
    why vote on someone that has a wife that looks like a man.? Mrs obama.
    why do we vote on anyone they all are full of B.S and the funny thing is we all know this but you all vote for them anyhow. explain that one.I would rather vote for someone that has never been a political whore in there live then vote for any of these rich off of us government dumb as---
    i'd vote for him just because he rocks a peach tie in a political advertisement. Ballsy. Clearly he is capable of executing risky decisions. And he is always proud of his accomplishments. He has always been really proud that he was able to do something that nobody else was able to pull off. Peach is a hard one.
    AMERICA can't afford another BUSH, we've already had to(TWO) many!!

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