The older I get the more I pray. How about you ?

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    I think I pray more often if only due to so many friends, acquaintances, neighbors who are ill or suffering in other ways.     :(

    I stopped praying a few years ago.   The Bible says that a sinner's prayers will not be heard.  


    I have been Baptized, but I've fallen from grace so  I have no reason to pray.


    ....Bump, please visit with your preacher/priest
    ....God never gives up on you
    ....Luke 18:(9-14)
    terryfossil 1

    And yet it was the sinner Jesus died for and came to save CB..which puts you in the company of a select majority>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Not so CB. "Eternal life" means just that. Once the gift is accepted, it does not come and go depending on our actions. It lasts forever, eternally, EVERLASTING life. We all fall from grace regularly and can thank God for his Son and his daily forgiveness.

    I do not pray as much as i used to,but that does not mean i have less faith in Christ and Jesus,,without Christ i would not be alive today,,that is a very hard thing to forget..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    iI think you might be right Been. But my Christian Life has been a little twisted up here the last few years. 

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