Why do people go to so much trouble to try and discredit somebody..?????

    If people do not like Trump for whatever reason,why do they continue with their rubbish instead of simply waiting till the next election to vote him out or in..have a look at this post..

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    They can't wait!

    Because they have to cheat to win, cant stand losing, just like it didnt go good for Hillarys campaign. Now they got caught .

    When U.S voters actually listen to what Donald Trump "says" and compare it to what "Donald Trump "does", they are worried, as they should be. For example, The Mueller report is public information and readily available. Guess what percentage of American citizens have read even a few sentences of it? Shameful. Just vote for whoever your neighbor likes, because your neighbor is a good guy? Some, are trying to get people to open their eyes and ears and make an informed decision! 

    terryfossil 1

    Hey Quacker,,i mean going so far as to fabricate an absolute lie then try to prove it is truth,,as in the link i put up with my question..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Oh I got your point Terry. However, the office of the Presidency itself, has been dragged down to an all time low. The current President of the U.S. is not a good man and no one can deny that. People should be able to "look up" to a leader and not find it easy to say nasty, untrue things about him that are quite believable, based on both his past and current behavior.

    We have the same type of people here Terry, they refuse to accept the referendum result,they say us who voted leave were too stupid to know what we were voting for. They are about to get their comeuppance. 

    terryfossil 1

    We go to the polls in a coupla weeks to elect a prime minister Sunny,we only have 2 partys to really vote for,Labor and Liberal,Liberal has been in power for a coupla terms,if we remain under liberal after the election,our country's economy will be in surplus next year..Labor governments here only know how to spend money,they never save or build anything,and the last time they were in power they nearly buried our country with boat if labor win this election,then we will simply wait to kick em out at the next election,and that is how it should be..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..
    terryfossil 1

    Just an update Sunny,Liberals have won the so called unwinnable election,,so onward and upward my friend..and it looks like yo are about to get rid of May,so things are looking up for you guys also mate..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Yes she has been told to go, and she is resigning on 7th June. We have just had to vote in the European Elections, and it looks like the new Brexit party is the winner. Then they will have their answer from the people, for the second time.

    Don't ask me Terry Im a bigger fool then I look,,

    terryfossil 1

    Looks are always deceiving Hec..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Well I'm not as daft as I look Dennis. Well not always.

    ....caution: the blame game is a two way avenue 

    ....opinion: seek to please God before man

    ....nothing on earth is more foolish and empty than the unkind thoughts and rash judgments of humans

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