Pro basketball coach Doc Rivers had $2,000 fall out of his pocket. Somebody returned it to him...

    and didn't wait for a reward. Funny video:  Did you ever return lost money to someone? What happened after that?

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    I was in a supermarket many years ago. I saw a shopper drop $60 on the floor and picked it up.I followed her to the cashier and said, "If you don't have a credit card, you might not be able to pay.Then I handed her the money. She that "thanks" and that was it. No emotion whatsoever. .

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    Several months ago I was walking up behind an eldery gentleman trying to withdrawl money from an ATM machine. He walked away after several tries not realizing his money had been dispensed.


    I hollered at him, but I guess he didn't have his hearing aids turned up so I grabbed the money from the machine, ran over and tapped him on the shoulder and handed him his money. He was very grateful.

    ....yes, they thanked me

    I've handed change back to a cashier. I was once given change from $100.00 instead of $50.00. She was very grateful.

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