Pro basketball coach Doc Rivers had $2,000 fall out of his pocket. Somebody returned it to him...

    and didn't wait for a reward. Funny video:  Did you ever return lost money to someone? What happened after that?

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    I was in a supermarket many years ago. I saw a shopper drop $60 on the floor and picked it up.I followed her to the cashier and said, "If you don't have a credit card, you might not be able to pay.Then I handed her the money. She that "thanks" and that was it. No emotion whatsoever. .

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    ....yes, they thanked me

    I've handed change back to a cashier. I was once given change from $100.00 instead of $50.00. She was very grateful.

    Several months ago I was walking up behind an eldery gentleman trying to withdrawl money from an ATM machine. He walked away after several tries not realizing his money had been dispensed.


    I hollered at him, but I guess he didn't have his hearing aids turned up so I grabbed the money from the machine, ran over and tapped him on the shoulder and handed him his money. He was very grateful.

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