What do you do with clothes that no longer fit you?


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    I give them to local thrift shops who, in turn, sell them and donate the money to various (helping) organizations.

    I pack them up intending to donate the forget about them and discover they are way out of date and no one wants them!


    :D Haha. I have a same scenario.

    I have 3 sizes of cloths in the closet, plus 3 suits, i plan to keep them as i may fit me again.

    I usually give them to Goodwill.


    Haven't seen you in a while.

    Guess I won't be hearing from you for a while longer.:)


    I am coming down the ladder Clonge,I am under 95 kilos from 103 i reckon i will be hauling some of my old jeans out..but as i am going overseas at the end of this month,i guess i will just put it all back on again..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Eighteen months ago,  I gave a lot of clothes to charity, bought larger clothes. Then a year ago went on a diet,   now having lost just over two stone, I'm having to buy smaller sizes again, and I have several pairs of trousers, and a suite which are far too big.  Charity bags again. 


    I guess a lot of us should have two closets....large and small. :)

    Yes you make a good point there Ducky. I have cheated a bit on the diet over Easter.

    But it was worth every pound! :)

    I keep my clothe current so I’ll go through my closet when a girlfriend might happen by. It’s DO YOU LIKE THIS? Pitch into a pile if they don’t pass muster. There, my good deed is done and the recipient is thrilled and the pile of clothes go into a garbage bag to be donated to a church or woman’s shelter. This is AFTER I’ve gone through one more time; my whims can sometimes be my worse mimesis....

    I stopped thinking , " I'll wear this when I lose weight " I got past that and now I take it to my bi- annual church rummage sale, which is coming up in May . How's that for a run-on sentence ?


    Thanks, Clongey

    Bring them to Goodwill.

    Usually when my cloths are done, there done.  Rags for what ever. The wife made me mad a few years ago when she threw my old Carhartt coat out and bought me a new one. This one still ain't broke in yet. 

    terryfossil 1

    Recycling is great aint it JD..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    A cloth if not fit me any more I drop it in my society donation box. If something is not useful for us it can be useful for others.

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