If you went to pick up a ring at the jeweler that he made larger, and he said he couldn't find it, what would you say or do ?

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    Show the jeweler my contract/ receipt would make for a good start.


    What if you showed him your claim stub and he said he couldn't find your ring. What would you or Roy do ?
    country bumpkin

    Ask him to replace the ring with another ring of equal value or give you cash back which equals the value of the ring he lost. If he's an honest man and values his reputation then he'll somehow make it up to you. ( I know the sentimental value of the ring is irreplacable)

    If he wont replace the ring turn him into the BBB and also make him a batch of brownies mixed with chocolate laxitives for Christmas.

    LOL All of the advice was good my claim ticket/description and be patient before notifying the police and my attorney 


    I can't afford a lawyer but I suppose I could sue them in small claims court.

    ....would the local news be interested ?

    that's a good idea, threaten to report him to the consumers complaint dept. on the news

    ....also, make sure you inform the police before you take him to court

    First up,ask him what he is going to do about it,then the importance of the ring comes into play,,after that you then take another look at the situation MCM..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<


    As of today, he found the ring. :-) It was sitting on his bench.....not in an envelope. that's why the other guy couldn't find it.
    terryfossil 1

    I thought you had spoken to the guy who done the job MCM.??????..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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