Is anyone here having to change to Daylight savins time?? Does it bother you?

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    I know it happened a few weeks ago! Does it upset your routine??

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    I like having the extra hours of evening sunlight during the summer months to enjoy all the beauty that surrounds me.

    Yep, every year.....spring forward.....fall back. It doesn't upset anything for me. I just think it's some old fashioned idea that we keep doing and nobody knows how or why it started. I've asked many people for an explanation and no one knows.


    ....started with Ben Franklin in 1784
    ....guessing it was done for energy/light and agriculture

    My mom used to say it was for the they'd have more daylight in the evening to work

    Moderator But I've asked more than one farmer over the years and they laugh. "It doesn't change the number of hours we have to do our work. It means nothing to us. We start at daylight and end at dusk". Next?

    ....the golfers like it

    Nope, "they" don't care either. When the sun is up and the birds are chirping, it's tee time! :) doesn't affect or bother me

    I just heard on tv this morning,they.whoever they are has done a survey and has found that there are more heart attacks during the week that daylight comes in and goes out..Queensland did once trial d/s,then we rejected it and have never had it since..our biggest problem comes from people from other states that move here and want d/s like in there old state..i simply give em the bird,and suggest they return to their own state.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..""

    When I was working as an LPN, it was a pain. Instead of having to get up at 5am, i had to get up at 4 am..and just when it looked light out early in the morning, then it looked dark out again, after the change. The midnight nurses said they weren't paid for that extra hour. Anyway , I was tired for 2 weeks after the time change.


    Then, when it changed back the other way, were you energized for 2 weeks?
    west-bus answer Ducky!

    Thank you west-bus. MCM has never appreciated my humor! :)

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