Mike Trout, widely considered to be Major leagues' best baseball player, is close to siging the record contract for any team sport.

    (signing) Where will it all end? How much money do you think is too much?

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    Ridiculous......They are all overpaid.

    It's very sad these team owners can't give some of this money to things that really matter like health issues disease issues, etc!

    .... I can't under$tand it

    In my opinion, there is no human being on earth, in ANY profession who is worth that kind of money! What a gigantic waste of resources! These team owners should be embarrassed to display such silliness.



    Obscene,and that does not even go close to explaining what i think of it,,i suppose it all depends what he does with his obscene wealth..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Set a salary cap for each player at $50,000 for any type of  professional sports. maybe then I can afford to take my wife and daughter to a game. hopefully the beers won't be $10 hot dogs won't be $10.  $80- $100  per person tickets or more. + Parking. Then they still expect the people to pay for new stadiums when a 30 years old one is not good enough anymore.


    I would be willing to cap at a million for their entire career. No one needs more than that, to live comfortably, especially if they invest wisely.

    Ducky I think that you hit the nail on the head, except many of these people do not invest wisely. If their going to the pros, there should be an automatic class in money handling and investment strategy.

    I know a former NHL player who became a financial advisor because he saw so much of that. Kids get an entry level contract for $800,000 and blow through it in less than a year. He tries to steer them in the right direction. They should listen because he is now a multi-millionaire due to learning how to invest!

    Sorry MCM,,Cameron Smith the best of all time in Aussie..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Tom Brady is the best player

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