What could make someone come over and start bashing you , your friends, your church service and then not leave when you ask him to leave. when you finally tell him he's tresspassing b/c he wson't leave, he says, " your know you 're cutting your throat " Then he leaves

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    Did you invite this person? Who started this conversation? Are you old friends? New friends? Were you firm when you asked him/her to leave? How did this person enter your home? Has this situation happened before? Will you allow it to happen again? Are you saying that this person just, out of the blue, started a rant?
    The situation that you have described, sounds very odd to me.

    Yes I know him and I let him in. Yes, he started the rant out of the blue. He went down the list. It sounds odd to me too, especially the part where he said , " You know you're cutting your throat " when he finally left.Maybe he's getting senile

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    ....past history of behavior, was his tone/behavior threatening/violent, medication/drugs/drinking,

    ....can you communicate with his family/friends about his background, will he communicate with you about this concern, do you trust him

    ....should authorities be notified , are you able to distance yourself from him, visit with people/professionals you trust

    Could this be Don(?) to whom you've mentioned ( I'm not asking for the name or relationship status).

    Juliana, not all friendships and romantic relationships are meant to last. 

    Be thankful that the person you have mentioned said, "You're cutting your own throat" instead of threatening to cut it for you.

    Cherish the good memories you made with this person, but move on to greener pastures.



    I like the cow. There's not much to choose from around here and I don't have any family :-( He's asked me to every family birthday get together and every holiday function.Before this happened, he just asked me to two upcoming birthday dinner type parties. He didn't call me today and I didn't call him . I hate not knowing what's happening and what my future is.

    Not much to choose from? You live in a city with a population of over a million. Surely there are a few available men around somewhere. Do you really need only this man (who doesn't sound very nice) in "your future"? Why?

    **Update.** He called and asked if he could come over tonight. I said yes, for a little while. I let him come over b/c I was lonely and tired of wondering about him and our relationship and my future. You guys can remove this short saga if you want b/c it's over for now until another one of his outbursts. Most of the time, he's pretty nice.

    ducky, I don't get into every facet of the one million people that live in the greater Detroit metropolitan area. I live in a small lower middle class freight train suburb where we have a large Ford plant near my house.

    Sorry you're so confined. Good luck.

    You need to get rid of this guy! I find it unbelievable that you let him in again!



    "I let him come over b/c I was lonely and tired of wondering about him and our relationship and our future." It's called settling.....never has a happy ending.

    Also Ducky it is called enabling an abuser! NOT my cup of tea!



    Wow zorro, that's a broad brush. If you met someone who did not disclose their politics, would you hate them immediately and forever? Or maybe you would guess wrong and fall in love immediately?

    And to add to it, someone that possibly will act out on their aggressive thoughts, beliefs. That person is a threat , call the police and report them . This person has no respect for anything . You have not seen the last of him. Next time might have a gun, and use it. Will you be protected ? Maybe others have reported him. Dont get weak , you might regret it. If you see something odd , report it. Good luck to you.

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