Some people feel Americans are very divided. I don't think they are that divided. What do you think?

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    country bumpkin

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    The question is overly broad, Divided HOW?
    country bumpkin

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    Divided How? To answer that question look at Ducky's answer. Also, I personally am friends so many people with different nationalities. I feel so lucky that I appreciate most people and cultures. When I first came to California from St. Louis, I thought everyone in California would be dressed in their native land costumes. I was so disappointed when I saw they did not, I cried. I was 9 years old. But once in junior high school and on into adulthood, I always made friends with almost everybody. I am so happy now. I just met a Japanese lady yesterday and we traded phone numbers. My friends are Hispanics, white, black, Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Indian. My next door neighbor is Muslim and the wife cooks me great food a lot. I thank her with fruits and nuts and olive oil chips which she loves) and bananas, which her husband likes, and cookies, which her kids like. Her little pretty girl, about 8, always looks into the bag to see what I got them, and says, "Thank you so much!" Her little brother says the same. I'm so happy.

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    .... I feel more voices are gaining attention due to the media theatre



    terryfossil 1

    And yet the North and the South is still there..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I do not live there Tab,,but yes i think they still are..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I think it is very obvious that Americans are divided, as are Canadians and other countries, world wide. Human beings simply do not appreciate (and that's putting it mildly) anyone who is 'different'..... skin color, language, religion, politics, manner of dress, customs, etc. Many "white countries" are encouraging immigration. What does immigration bring? People who are 'different'. I have no idea what the solution could be. I don't see one.

    Food for thought. Do you (anyone here on akaQA) entertain those who are "different" in your home for dinner? Do you go out together in public? Do you even personally (really) know anyone who is not considered white? Do THEY seem willing to get to know YOU?

    terryfossil 1

    I have no problem with any nationality,colour,religion coming to my country to make it their own providing they assimilate,understand the history of the country they what to make their own,if they do not like the way we live,talk,worship,play,or dress,then do not come here to live,maybe just holiday:):)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Yes I think the people of America are greatly   divided!  And we do have friends that are not white that we have over and go out with!


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