What are your thoughts on the massive college admissions cheating scandal?

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    If I were a student, I would find the actions of my parents to be extremely embarrassing. These parents should go to jail and unfortunately, their children need to be denied any access to those schools to whom the parents lied. Lessons learned all around. Do millionaires never have enough money? Could they not afford to foot the bill? Really!

    And.....this is probably only the tip of the iceberg. Wait for it.

    ....$in is $in 

    ....only God knows our hearts

    ....earning over entitlement 

    I feel like Ducky, but I not sure if it jail worthy.  The elite always has the upper hand and loopholes.  They don't hardly pay their fair share of taxes, get accounts overseas.  The bank got a get out of jail card, after many lost houses in the U.S. economic fall in 2008. The banks that were paid millions in finds not to go to jail.  One bank paid 70 million, I believe it was Chase or Bank of America. Several banks paid to keep offenders out of jail.



    I believe your statements prove my point even better than I, myself, have stated. Start putting these criminals (that's what they are) in jail. Maybe they will realize that money DOES NOT talk! Odd how so called "white collar crime" is often considered 'less than'.

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