People want to go back and stop the sales of Michael Jackson's music and R. Kelly for going with girls under 18. Should we also stop the sales of Elvis music who dated 14 year olds?

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    love that sign!!!

    This would not be the question that I would ask. My question is "What on earth is wrong with so many parents who grant permission for their children to be anywhere near a celebrity, hanging out with them, going to numerous performances, meeting them back stage repeatedly, let alone going off to spend a weekend and then ultimately, to live with them????" That is just plain insanity in my opinion.


    Ducky I did not realize this kind of behavior was so prevalent until about 3 years ago. But I now understand that men have been going with under 18 year old girls and boys for hundreds of years, look at the priest. We average people are in a whole different world. Morey Felman was on Dr. Oz. He said, as a child actor, he saw it all, and said that Hollywood is full of child abusers functioning in complicated networks.

    Many sick and demented people in the world and in some cases, well reported for years, people continue to support and make excuses for these criminals, turning a blind eye. Disgusting!

    Actors and Singers and Politicians and ordinary people who all make mistakes and do wrong things in varying degrees..But the good things that they do should not be trashed because they go wrong..because that means we the people are the only ones who miss out on what we like..when i listen to the song ( Two Little Boys by Rolf Harris )i am not listening to a Paedophile, i am listening to a very good song that i like.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. 


    terryfossil 1, very well said!!!

    No, not in this case.


    Elvis didn't necessarily make it with a 14 yr. old , and he didn't molest her. The plan was - - - she would live in his house until she grad from H.S. - - under the supervision of his manager.....Colonel  Parker - - then they would get married. Her dad agreed to this .And don't forget, Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 yr. old cousin . They didn't take his music off the market.

    ....opinion: it was not hidden and others were involved 

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